Media release

Anna Palmer outs major parties

Deputy leader of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party and candidate for Currumbin, Anna Palmer, confirmed at a breakfast this morning that her party stood for opening the borders immediately.

“The major parties, the LNP and Labor, want to keep the state closed to business. Closed borders means no new jobs and a continued decline in the economy,’’ Mrs Palmer said.

“Why is the community suffering so much?

“Suicide rates and domestic violence are increasing, it is so important the borders are open to regions where the virus is under control in order to save lives.

Mrs Palmer said that there were currently only two active cases in Queensland, no new cases outside Sydney and zero in Tasmania, the ACT and the Northern Territory.

“It is imperative that the borders are reopened so that trade and commerce can resume, so we can create jobs and so our tourism industry can survive,’’ Mrs Palmer said.

“The Prime Minister and the Premier visited Currumbin the day we campaigned on opening the borders, because they know that’s what the people really want.”

Mrs Palmer said Clive Palmer’s High Court challenge of the WA closures would be heard on November 3-4.

“Once that is successful it will be applied in Queensland. Annastacia Palaszczuk will be forced to run and hide when businesses start suing her for the devastation she has caused,’’ she said.