Media release

Craig Kelly appointed leader of the United Australia Party

Craig Kelly MP has been appointed leader of the United Australia Party, vowing to protect the Constitution and provide a true alternative to the failed two-party system.

Craig Kelly_MP“Six months ago, I resigned from the Coalition government. I had reached the stage where my conscience would not allow me to continue in silence for political expediency,” Mr Kelly said.

“It became increasingly obvious to me that the Liberal Party had abandoned its traditional values.

“My intention at the time was to contest the next election as a maverick independent MP in a southern Sydney seat and use Don Chipp’s line of keeping the bastards honest. However, over those past six months, I have witnessed the very fabric of our society unravelling.

“With endless authoritarian lockdowns, the emergence of a police state, censorship, and our state borders shut contrary to the vision of our federation, I no longer recognise the country I grew up in. I fear for our nation’s future if we continue on the current path,” Mr Kelly said.

“I have therefore decided to accept the offer to lead the United Australia Party into the next election in order to help provide a true alternative to failed oppressive two-party system.

“The United Australia Party will be fighting to end the lockdowns and offer an alternate approach to the current mayhem and destruction that the Labor, the Liberals and the Greens have created.

“We will be putting freedom over fear, liberty over lockdowns and choice over compulsion,” he said.

“As a major force in politics, The United Australia Party will be seeking to run candidates in all 151 lower house divisions across the length and breadth of the nation as well as all seats in the Senate. We will be well resourced. Very well resourced.

“In meantime, the United Australia Party will fight to protect our Constitution. It’s shocking that Labor, the Liberals and the Greens federally are siding with the rogue authoritarian state governments by endorsing unconstitutional vaccination passports.

“I do not want to see an Australia where Australians are ordered by the police and the military to produce their ‘health papers’ just to cross a state border, attend a footy match or go to pub or cafe.

“Therefore, the United Australia Party will be taking action in the High Court to bring these dictatorial state premiers into line,” Mr Kelly said.

“I’m honoured today to accept this role as leader of the United Australia Party and I call on all Australians who have had enough of the major parties who have led our nation into such chaos to go to the United Australia party’s website and join us in this fight,” Mr Kelly said.