Media release

We don’t want subsidies, we want jobs: Anna Palmer

Deputy Leader of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, Anna Palmer, has criticised the State Government’s subsidy offer to Queenslanders as a cheap bid for votes.

“Queenslanders don’t want a few hundred dollars to buy their votes, they want an opportunity to work to provide for themselves and their future,’’ Mrs Palmer said.

“We need to open our borders before it’s too late and the economy is completely ruined.

“Queensland’s tourist industry is suffering and families and businesses are being destroyed.

“Queensland was once the number one powerhouse in the Australian economy.

“Our leaders need to focus on what we can achieve rather than subsidies. Giving away money instead of strong economic measures is not the way,’’ Mrs Palmer said.

“We need a new deal for Queensland based on enterprise. We need to cut the red tape, eliminate payroll tax and eliminate land tax to make our State stronger and more competitive, and provide employment for our people.

“Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party will also ensure a death tax is never introduced in Queensland.

“The current government is too negative, it doesn’t listen, it’s not interested in big projects and it has no idea about wealth creation,” Mrs Palmer said.