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Victoria’s COVID-19 surge shows a Labor government in crisis: Palmer

The surge of new COVID-19 cases in Victoria was a direct result of the badly run Labor government, Clive Palmer said today.

“It started with allowing the Black Lives Matter march and the breakdown of social distancing, all with the backing and support of the Andrews Labor government,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The large volumes of COVID-19 cases we are now seeing are because of a hopeless Labor government, which is having ramifications for the rest of the country.

“It is indicative of a Labor government in turmoil. The Federal Labor executive has recognised branch stacking is rife and we have seen Jackie Trad the subject of a corruption inquiry in Queensland, a state led by the most incompetent premier in its history.

“Queenslanders will inevitably throw Annastacia Palaszczuk out on election day, and she won’t be offered a corporate sector job once that happens because she is incapable of producing any tangible outcomes.

“The only reason the Queensland Premier has advanced in her political career is because of favours from the faceless Labor power brokers.

“Unions are free to spend whatever they want on the upcoming election campaign to get  Palaszczuk re-elected yet  she wants to muzzle any competitors who wish to add ideas and re-stimulate Queensland.

“I am Queensland’s richest person, valued by the rich list at $9 billion and I believe it is a sorry state affairs when I can’t spend my own money on  political ideas. This Labor government doesn’t want any political competition.’’ Mr Palmer said.