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McGowan speaks with fork tongue: Palmer

WA Premier Mark McGowan had no jurisdiction for denying Queenslanders entry to the state, Clive Palmer said today.

“We haven’t had any COVID-19 cases for weeks now, yet the WA Premier keeps Queenslanders out of his state. This is discrimination,’’ he said.

Mr Palmer said that under WA legislation it was also almost impossible for Western Australians to visit Queensland for a holiday.

“The McGowan Government’s stance on borders means that Western Australians wishing to visit Queensland will be locked up for 14 days on their return plus pay the quarantine costs.

“He is responsible for halting commerce between Queensland and WA, tourism is suffering and so are the people.

“Legislation being introduced into the WA parliament is not constitutional. It denies trade between states.

“This isn’t surprising. We must remember that Western Australian Labor MP and Upper House Whip Pierre Yang, a former Chinese national, was found to have been affiliated with Chinese Communist Party Groups dedicated to extending the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in Australia.

“History will show that the WA Premier will be responsible for his state going backwards,’’ Mr Palmer said.