Media release

United Australia Party to abolish National Cabinet

The United Australia Party will abolish the unconstitutional so-called ‘National Cabinet’ and restore freedom to the Australian people, party leader Craig Kelly said today.

“Since federation, the Australian Federal Government Cabinet has been comprised from Federal Members of Parliament, voted for and elected by the Australian people,” Craig Kelly said.

“The current Morrison Government has imposed this unconstitutional so-called ‘National Cabinet’ that has no legal basis.

“The United Australia Party believes this so-called ‘National Cabinet’ should be abolished as soon as possible, with traditional government and freedom restored to the Australian people.

“The so-called National Cabinet is dominated by parochial State Premiers who are putting their short term political interests ahead the national interest.

“Further, this National Cabinet is made up of mainly Labor premiers that have no understanding of the harm they are inflicting small businesses. Their policies are breaking up families as a result of additional financial stress.

“We are seeing suicides at unprecedent levels. This is a result of Scott Morrison and the so-called National Cabinet’s policies and actions. They are destined to destroy the Australian economy.

“I urge all Australians to get behind the United Australia Party, join our party and stand up for re-opening the country and restoring freedom to the Australian people,”  Craig Kelly said.