Media release

Berejiklian’s divisive and discriminatory comments condemned

The Leader of the United Australia Party, Craig Kelly, has condemned the statements made by NSW Premier Berejiklian at her daily media conferences.

“When I heard the NSW Premier yesterday say she ‘would not want to be anywhere with someone who is not vaccinated’ and ‘we can’t afford to have unvaccinated people with mixing vaccinated people’, I was outraged and absolutely disgusted,” Mr Kelly said.

“I have never heard such despicable, vile, divisive, unscientific and discriminatory comments from Australian political leader.

“The evidence and the science from overseas clearly shows that a person’s chance of having COVID and their chances of spreading it to others, is very similar regardless of whether they’ve been injected twice or not at all,” he said.

“Domestic Vaccine Passports are useless because a person who is fully vaccinated can still get infected and the spread the virus to others.”

“Berejiklian’s shameful plan to turn NSW into a bio-medical security state, where ‘vaccine apartheid’ is the norm and citizens are forced to show their private medical records just to get cut a haircut makes Australia an international laughing stock,” Craig Kelly said.

“Berejiklian’s words today are a betrayal of everything that Australia stands for and I call on Liberal MPs to publicly disassociate themselves for these disgraceful, divisive and discriminatory comments.”