Media release

UAP welcomes legal threats from TGA and the Labor Party

UAP Chairman Clive Palmer says he welcomes the legal threats made by the head of the TGA, John Skerritt, against the Federal Leader of the United Australia Party, Craig Kelly.

“Any legal action against Craig Kelly or the United Australia Party will provide an opportunity to subpoena and cross examine John Skerritt and Greg Hunt about each of the 483 deaths which have been reported to the TGA and the 75 pages of over 46,000 reported adverse reactions.

“If John Skerrit seeks a legal confrontation by threatening to take Craig Kelly – a member of the House of Representatives who has sworn to protect all Australians – to court I am sure the truth will be revealed.

“All Mr Kelly did was publish the TGA’s own reports which all Australians have a right to know,” Mr Palmer said.

“The TGA report clearly highlights that the COVID-19 vaccine treatment has been responsible the deaths of 483 Australians and over 46,000 adverse reactions,” he said.

“We would welcome any chance to see Professor Skerritt cross-examined under oath so the truth can be heard about the vaccinations and the harmful effects they have on thousands of Australians.

“The United Australia Party would like to hold the Government to account for providing pharmaceutical companies with a full indemnity if they kill or cause harm to Australians being administered COVID vaccines,” Mr Palmer said.

“We would be questioning why the Government has given the pharmaceutical companies an indemnity for any claims related to the injuries and deaths their vaccines may cause.

“It should be concerning for all Australians that we don’t have the required one, three or five-year safety data for the use of this vaccine on humans or animals, and there has been no safety testing on pregnant women or children,” Mr Palmer said.

“History has shown that governments have often been wrong. That propaganda and cover-ups have often taken place. That millions have died because people in authority lack the courage and the proprietary to follow through with the principles and ethics of their calling,” Mr Palmer said.

“John Skerritt is incompetent and should resign from his position immediately.

“The Hight Court of Australia has reconfirmed the implied term in our constitution of political free speech.

“The United Australia Party is a registered political party under the electoral act and Craig Kelly is member of the House of Representatives and therefore has the right of free political communication with all Australians,” Mr Palmer said.