Media release

United Australia Party office opens its doors in Cairns

THE United Australia Party’s footprint in North Queensland will be extended this Friday (14 September) with the opening of a new party office in Cairns.

The move comes hot on the heels of the party’s recent Townsville launch and UAP Secretary for North Queensland, Jen Sackley, says she is looking forward to welcoming locals and discussing their community concerns at the Cairns office.

Immediately after the office opening, Federal Leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, will discuss his vision for North Queensland at a special lunch event in Cairns (Friday 14 September) at AquaLuna on Florence Street.

“The good news for people who live in and around Cairns is that help is on the way,” Ms Sackley said.

“As a wise man once said, seek first to understand before seeking to be understood. That is our philosophy. We are here to listen and develop practical solutions to combat the challenges people in this region have been facing for years.

“Now more than ever, people in North Queensland need proper representation. The recent circus in Canberra laid bare the real motives of our so-called politicians. They care about themselves, not us.

“There is a strong feeling in the community that all respect for the current duopoly has been lost. They want real people with real experience to represent them. That’s what we’re here for.”

Ms Sackley said she welcomes drop-in visits to the office by local residents or would-be party members.

“We want people to get involved in the process of representation. If they bring their issues to us we can take those challenges to the federal election and ensure the people of North Queensland have their voices heard.”