Media release

Clive Palmer welcomes investment in renewable fuels

UNITED Australia Party Federal Leader Clive Palmer has set a target for 20 percent of all vehicles to be running on ethanol-based fuel by the end of 2021, a six percent increase on current consumption levels.

Mr Palmer says that target would increase further to 30 percent by 2025 under United Australia Party policy.

Ethanol-blended fuel use has fallen consistently since 2011 before making a comeback in 2017-18, rising to 14.1 percent.

“The United Australia Party has set clear targets for the use of ethanol-based fuels which will deliver benefits for the agricultural industry, jobs and the environment,” Mr Palmer said.

“By increasing our use we will revitalise sugar cane cities in regional Queensland such as Bundaberg, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns, creating jobs and providing clean energy for Australian vehicles – but we have to make it a viable price proposition at the pump.

Mr Palmer said regional centres that rely on the sugar industry have been neglected by the scarcity of ideas from the major parties.

“The opportunities are there for our sugar producing regions, but we need our politicians to end their petty squabbles and do their jobs,” Mr Palmer said.

“For instance, the United States wants to establish further naval bases in the Pacific and North Queensland is the ideal position for such a base.

“That would bring hundreds of millions of dollars of investment to Australia and hundreds of jobs. The US Congress requires the US Navy to use 50% renewable fuel. That could come from our sugar industry – what a boost that would be for North Queensland.

“We want to unite the country behind new ideas and make Australia great again.”