Media release

United Australia Party backs tax breaks for the bush

The United Australia Party will turbo charge regional communities by implementing zonal tax breaks for the bush, candidate for Capricornia Lindsay Sturgeon said today.

“The United Australia Party is committed to taking pressure off major centres and stimulating economic growth in rural areas through a 20% zonal tax break,’’ Mr Sturgeon said.

“Regional communities are the backbone of Australia and need to be supported. 85% of Australia’s income comes from regional areas and it`s not fair that people in the bush suffer from city-centric governance.

“Regional communities need strong representation which we are committed to delivering.

“Policies such as a 20% tax break for people living more than 200km outside the state capitals will drive growth in these regions.

“Zonal taxation has worked under previous governments in the 1960s and is constitutional under commonwealth law so why not offer the incentive to live and work in some of the best communities Australia has to offer,’’ he said.

“Regional Australia finally has a real chance for change and the United Australia Party will drive it.

“By providing tax breaks in areas that are disadvantaged geographically, zonal taxation would stimulate economic growth in regional communities providing jobs, allowing these regions to decentralise and properly develop.

“We need to invest in these regions to promote growth and strengthen our towns and communities,’’ Mr Sturgeon said.