Media release

Coalition’s budget fails Australians: Palmer

Federal Leader of the United Australia Party Clive Palmer says the Coalition’s 2019 budget had fallen well short for regular Australians crying out for true economic leadership.

“The budget did not address the real economic structural changes and sustainable incentives and rewards for all Australians,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Structural changes such as abolishing provisional tax would put $70 billion back into the economy instantly.

“Downstream mineral processing facilities need to be built in Victoria and South Australia, utilising resources from Queensland and Western Australia.

“We need to introduce a zonal taxation system giving regional Australians a 20% tax break, which will encourage people to move to regional areas and reduce infrastructure pressure in our cities.

“We need 300km-an-hour fast trains,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Tax-deductable home loans and lower power prices are also needed today.

“Under a United Australia Party government our structural changes to the economy will increase wages and living standards for all Australians.

“All Australians want to enjoy a better lifestyle and look ahead to a brighter future for their family,’’ Mr Palmer said.