Media release

United Australia Party backs Company Tax Reductions

Federal leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, has congratulated his senate leader Brian Burston for committing to his promise of reducing company tax rates to allow Australian businesses to be globally competitive and to stimulate the economy through more money circulating in Australia.

“More money in Australian company hands means more money to invest and more money to employ staff ultimately stimulating economic activity,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Tax cuts mean increased competitiveness on the global stage and a win for business owners and shareholders.

“Last week we supported the passage of legislation to reduce personal income tax, this legislation helps put Australia first and make Australia great.

“These company tax cuts will help unite Australia together and allow us to achieve the extraordinary,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“I congratulate Senator Burston for his strong principles in supporting these important measures that will ensure Australian companies remain internationally competitive,’’ Mr Palmer said.