Media release

Statement from Clive Palmer:

All Australians must deplore the cheap tricks of One Nation at the expense of a decent Australian’s reputation.

From day one when Senator Burston announced he was joining the United Australia Party he has been attacked and vilified.

Australians will remember when the sprinklers were turned on at Parliament House at the campaign launch, an unprecedented event in parliamentary history.

Labor politician Cathy O’Toole also abused Brian and myself, declining us the right of free speech.

At this time the Senator confided in me that he had been subject to sexual harassment and abuse by One Nation members.

He told me he loved his wife and family and couldn’t remain with One Nation when Pauline Hanson made herself president of her party for life, like former President of Uganda Idi Amin.

Brian told me that he was an ordinary bloke who wanted to help ordinary Australians.

All Australians need a fair go.

Where I have endured relentless abuse and harassment, my resolve remains strong. It’s not fair that Senator Burston is subject to this vilification by Pauline Hanson and her hired hand James Ashby who think it’s okay to take cheap shots.

We must remember that it’s James Ashby who stole Peter Slipper’s diaries. James Ashby has a criminal record and it’s James Ashby who lives under the same roof as Pauline Hanson. It seems any way the wind blows Ashby also goes, he extorts people around him all the time.

I call on Parliament’s Presiding Officers to protect those who are being bullied and intimidated.