Media release

Statement by Rosalyn Burston (Sen. Burston’s Wife):

Senator Brian Burston’s wife puts record straight

Brian and I were expecting a nice pleasant night together. We were most surprised to see Senator Hanson’s staffer, James Ashby seated at our table.

Over the last three years, Brian would complain to me about Pauline Hanson’s approaches towards him.

I offer my full support and love for Brian.

James Ashby left the table last night about 30 minutes before Brian and I left.

As we left the function, we weren’t to know that James Ashby would deliberately ambush us.

When James Ashby pounced on Brian and then myself, Brian threw his arms at an object in self-defence. Brian protected me from this unprovoked attacked. Consequently, James Ashby recorded this on his mobile phone and then released to it to the media.

I find it unbelievable, that a Member of Parliament serving the people who elected him is subject to this type of behaviour.

This behaviour would never be allowed to happen to other party leaders like Scott Morrison or Bill Shorten.

My husband is a good man. Because he has voted with his conscience and expressed his moral sense of right as the Senate Leader of the United Australia Party, he has had to undergo continued attacks politically from the One Nation Party.

It really is a shame, One Nation stoops to these levels to gain publicity, when they should be focussed on matters for the Australian people.

I want everyone to know that I love my husband and admire his courage by doing the right thing by those who elected him.