Media release

Self-interested politicians embarrass the nation

AUSTRALIAN politics is in crisis and an embarrassment to the nation following the petulant events leading to the dumping of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

With meme after meme and joke after joke raining down on federal politicians in the wake of the leadership spill, Federal Leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, says it’s no laughing matter for the nation.

“These people think they are a law unto themselves,” Mr Palmer said.

“This is a group of so-called politicians who have completely lost touch with who they represent and what their jobs are. To adjourn parliament while they sorted out their power squabbles is tantamount to grinding the nation to a halt.

“Anyone would think we didn’t have major national issues to solve or matters of great importance before the parliament.

“People are sick and tired of this childish, self-interested behaviour. What is absolutely clear is that this disorderly rabble in the House of Representatives fight to save their own skins, but they sure as hell don’t fight for everyday Australians. Labor and Liberal are both the same. It’s a plague on both their houses.

“They brought embarrassment to our country and showed a complete lack of respect for the Australian people, who should throw them all out at the next federal election.

“This is exactly why we need a strong alternative. The United Australia Party has the ideas, the people and the resources to hold this rabble to account,” Mr Palmer said.

“We stand for unity and we stand for Australia. It’s time to send Canberra a message and put the Australian people first.”