Media release

Qld Premier facing class action on irrational border stance: Palmer

Clive Palmer has warned of a class action against Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk over the irrational border closures which are sending Queensland businesses to the wall.

“The Premier must be held to account for the unconstitutional border closures which are causing hundreds of millions of dollars in financial harm to Queenslanders and the economy,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The Palaszczuk Government has no idea about leadership. They allowed thousands of people to rally over the weekend without social distancing, yet will not allow the rest of society to open.

“Queenslanders have had enough and want to hold this Labor government accountable for its actions.

“I would be happy to talk to anyone who wishes to join a class action against the Palaszczuk Government, which seems intent on bankrupting this great state.

“The Premier should do the right thing and fall on her sword now and resign.

“Why should businesses in Queensland be destroyed by her unconstitutional and misguided decisions?’’ Mr Palmer said.