PM a Hypocrite for Attacking my Election Spending: Clive Palmer

Media release

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer, has labelled Prime Minister Tony Abbott a hypocrite for attacking him over election spending.

Responding to ongoing accusations by Mr Abbott that the Palmer United Party was trying to buy senate seats in this weekend’s WA re-election, Mr Palmer said the Liberals were wasting vast amounts of taxpayers’ money campaigning in the west.

“What a hypocrite the PM is for accusing me of buying seats when this week he brought his entire cabinet to Perth to campaign,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“This is a total abuse of power and waste of taxpayer funds.

Mr Palmer said the Liberals arrogantly believed they had a right to rule and were terrified by competition.

“Politicians say they welcome competition but when it’s against them it’s a different story,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The Palmer United Party offers choice and the major parties don’t like it.

“What is important is the promotion of the right ideas and policies such as ensuring WA receives its deserved share of GST revenue.

“Only with Palmer United holding the balance of power in the Senate will the people of WA reclaim their lost GST,’’ he said.