AEC Fails WA Again: Clive Palmer

Media release

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer, says the West Australian Senate re-election may not give a real result following revelations the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is investigating potential voting irregularities just hours ahead of Saturday’s poll.

The Member for Fairfax said allegations 75 ballots have been placed in an unsecured box at a pre-poll mobile booth in Perth’s northern suburbs highlights the continued inadequacies of the AEC, which needs urgent reform.

“I am bitterly disappointed 75 ballots have allegedly been placed in an unsecured box at an AEC polling station,” Mr Palmer said.

“This indicates the AEC has not got its act together and signals great concerns for the integrity of the WA Senate re-election.

“None of the irregularities with the voting system that I have highlighted in recent months have been remedied for this election.

“Despite the resignation of the Electoral Commissioner and the AEC Manager for WA over the lost votes debacle during the WA Senate recount, and despite the investigation and condemnation of every political leader in the nation, the AEC has still not learned its lesson.

“I predict there is worse to come in this weekend’s election.

“It’s clear that the loss of 1370 votes in the WA Senate recount was at the expense of our party and candidates, as is now the placing of 75 pre-poll ballots in an unsecured box. It could be an attempt to rig this election.

“The system WA voters will face in the Senate re-election on Saturday is obviously still flawed and there are no guarantees we won’t have another debacle on our hands.

“The AEC is persisting with an unfair and outdated system which makes a mockery of the democratic process and threatens to once again put the democratic outcome at risk in WA.’’

Mr Palmer has renewed his call for urgent introduction of measures to reduce electoral fraud such as ensuring voters are registered with proper identification and doing away with the antiquated pencil and paper system.

“The AEC has only glossed over a review of its processes and there is nothing to say the Senate re-election won’t be another disaster. The people of WA deserve better.”