Dio Wang humbled by WA election result

Media release

Dio Wang has thanked the voters of WA, saying it was a humbling experience to be awarded a seat in the Senate.

“I am so grateful to the people of WA for giving me the opportunity to represent them in the Senate from July 1,’’ Mr Wang said.

“They were loud and clear in their support for the Palmer United Party where our vote increased two-and-a-half times from the original election in September – from 5% up to 12.5%,’’ he said.

“Finally the great injustice of the Senate re-election has been righted.”

Mr Wang said he would be investigating matters relating to the AEC’s mishandling of the WA Senate election and issuing a statement in due course.

“The re-election debacle has cost taxpayers more than $20 million which could have been spent on hospitals or schools,’’ Mr Wang said.