Media release

Paul Murray bans Clive Palmer supporters from Townsville show

The host of low rating Sky News program Paul Murray Live has taken the extraordinary step of culling audience members supportive of Clive Palmer from its North Queensland broadcast airing tonight.

North Queensland Secretary of the United Australia Party, Jen Sackley, said Paul Murray’s decision to take his program to Townsville was a blatant pro-liberal move which would ultimately be his program’s demise.

“The program only appeals to Liberals who are a disappearing act, just like his program,’’ Ms Sackley said.

“Anyone who had support for Clive Palmer whether politically or in regards to the refinery being reopened was not allowed to enter the studio.

“None of our party members or any community members who support Clive were allowed in.

“The Paul Murray broadcast is all about helping Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party stop the wave of support which is growing for the United Australia Party and Clive Palmer,’’ she said.