Palmer United Party to Decentralise Government Decision Making

Media release

The Palmer United Party Tasmanian leader Kevin Morgan has pledged to decentralise government decision making in Tasmania if the Palmer United Party is elected on March 15.

Mr Morgan said decentralising the decision making process in government would give more autonomy back to regional Tasmania.

”The one size fits all approach and having the key decision makers based in Hobart does not give the regions any local decision making process at all,” he said.

“Local solutions to local problems are the key to finding permanent solutions to long term problems.

“From local economic development to schools to hospitals we need decision makers in communities as they see what is occurring first hand.

“Bringing some departments out of Hobart would build a community acceptance of government decision making and make it more relevant.”

Mr Morgan said having ministers Hobart-focussed had left them out of touch and seen to be away from the coal face.

“They end up not knowing or understanding the issues in communities,” he said.

“When you have top down management, it takes decisions one step at a time through many levels before being ticked at the top.

“This kills off new ideas that are seen as too risky in an environment that is risk averse and not perceived to be required by a centric bureaucracy.”

Mr Morgan said only a Palmer United Party government can make a difference for Tasmanians.

“The Palmer United Party will act and will make Tasmanians’ lives better and that is why Palmer United is standing in every seat at the Tasmanian state election,” he said