Lobbyists Lying About Palmer United Party

Media release

Lobbyists Lying About Palmer United Party

The Palmer United Party federal leader Clive Palmer has accused lobbyists for the Tasmanian Liberals of lying about Palmer United Party state election candidates.

Mr Palmer said the Liberals and their supporters and lobbyists have been setting up blogs and websites as a part of a vicious attack on himself and the Palmer United Party in Tasmania.

“Lobbyists for the Liberals in Tasmania are spreading lies about Palmer United Party candidates for the March 15 election,” he said.

“They are forgetting their normal role and instead of attacking Labor they are attacking me and saying our candidates are inexperienced.

“This is just not true. Our candidates are normal Tasmanians who Labor, the Liberals and the Greens have neglected for 30 years.”

Mr Palmer said he had no doubt Liberal leader Will Hodgman is behind the negative and misleading online campaign against himself and the Palmer United Party.

“Mr Hodgman is the longest serving opposition leader in the country,” he said.

“The negativity from Mr Hodgman is not what Tasmanian needs right now. Tasmanian needs a fearless government which will be committed to making positive decisions for all Tasmanians.

“The Palmer United Party, our Tasmanian state leader Kevin Morgan and his team of dedicated and passionate candidates are the answer to creating a positive Tasmania.

“Only the Palmer United Party can make a difference for Tasmanians.”