Media release

Palmer Rejects Advice to Reduce Staff

Clive Palmer said today he had rejected advice given from his advisors to reduce staff in his operations.

“Advice had been given to me to bunker down and build a cash war chest from the royalties I am receiving from my Pilbara iron ore project,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“I have decided that I will keep 100% of my extensive workforce on full wages and I will support them and their families.

“My company has today implemented a Crisis Management Team to help our staff,’’ he said.

“I believe at this critical time in our history all major employers need to be loyal to their staff as their staff have been loyal to them.

“All employers should recognise loyalty within their organisations,’’ he said.

“At this time, employers and community leaders need to keep people’s spirits high and face this major threat together.

“I, like all Australians, hope that there is a positive outcome found sooner rather than later so we can as a nation return to full productivity, again producing substantial profits so we can reduce government debt that will be growing substantially.

“The quicker we find a solution the quicker we can all economically recover,’’ Mr Palmer said.