Media release

Palmer Foundation launches website for latest COVID-19 information

The Palmer Foundation today launched a new website delivering Australians up to date information on the COVID-19 crisis.

Foundation head Clive Palmer said the site was designed to deliver real news to keep the population informed about the pandemic.

“Now more than ever Australians need the facts about this disease and what is being done to source a treatment,’’ he said.

“Our world has been turned upside down. We have the daunting prospect of thousands or even millions of people being affected by COVID-19.

“The malaria drug hydroxychloroquine is showing great promise as a potential treatment which is why the Palmer Foundation is making resources available to fund clinical trials and scale up the availability of the drug so there is enough for all Australians, free of charge,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer said the new site would post regular updates on global efforts to battle COVID-19.