Media release

Palmer Group sells Qantas shares

Businessman Clive Palmer today confirmed that the Palmer Group of Companies had sold its entire stake of Qantas shares as a result of the airline’s stance on mandatory vaccinations for all staff.

“I believe that Alan Joyce and his Board have taken risks which could result in possible future legal ramifications,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“We have seen statistics in the TGA reports released by the Australian Federal Government which reveal hundreds of deaths and tens of thousands of adverse reactions from the vaccines.

“I believe the financial risks Qantas is taking over mandatory vaccinations of its staff leaves them exposed to future financial damages by staff who suffer side effects or worse,” Mr Palmer said.

“This is clearly an unacceptable future financial risk Qantas and its Board are taking.

“No one knows ultimately what the cost of damages may be over a longer period.

“I would encourage directors of other public companies to realise future financial exposure if staff are mandated to take vaccines which cause damages,” Mr Palmer said.