Media release

Australians should have the right to choose: Palmer

Chairman of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, has condemned attempts by the Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll to force police to vaccinate as un-Australian.

“All Australians should have the right to choose,” Mr Palmer said.

“I can foresee the Queensland Police Service and the Queensland Government risking financial claims in the future over mandated vaccinations.

“If these vaccines cause harm or death, then families will have the right to be fully compensated,” Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer said forcing police to vaccinate against their wishes breached the rules of natural justice and human rights.

“It is an assault on these men and women who should have the same rights as any Australian citizen.”

Mr Palmer said he supported the police service employees who showed great courage in bringing this matter before the Supreme Court.

“These people are concerned about their rights and their health. This matter is far more important than politics. The State Government wants to play politics, but politicians don’t face the daily responsibilities that our front-line workers do,” he said.

“The Police Commissioner is seeking to strip the rights that other citizens enjoy from Queensland police. She is seeking to give a directive against the Human Rights Act.

“Katarina Carroll should resign now as a result of this unlawful act. It is the government that relies on the police, and that now seeks to attack them,” Mr Palmer said.