Media release

Palaszczuk deserts Queensland workers and families

With JobKeeper payments expiring shortly and Queensland maintaining lock down and closed borders, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk had condemned nearly a million Queenslanders to financial ruin, unemployment, stress and family break-up, Clive Palmer said in Brisbane today.

“Queensland is not going to open until September. What does she expect families to do?” the leader of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party said.

“It’s alright for the Premier, she is on a huge taxpayer-funded salary, but what about the average person.

“The Labor Party is a heartless institution that has destroyed our state” Mr Palmer said.

“While the rest of Australia has opened its borders, the Queensland government is stopping people visiting the state and condemning Queensland’s tourism industry.

“Australians want holidays now and they want to come to Queensland. Queensland must be in a position to fulfill that need or lose the market and jobs forever.

“It’s ironic that after running the state debt up to nearly a hundred billion dollars by employing her mates, one minute she wants to buy Virgin Australia and the next minute she wants to keep Queensland closed,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“I would advise her not to buy Virgin in any event but she would further destroy the airline by locking down Queensland’s borders.

“I just don’t know how she expects people and the economy to survive. Is the Queensland Government going to continue JobKeeper?

“There are no health issues that justify the continued destruction of Queensland as the Premier well knows.

“She is forever seeking approval but she and her government will pay at the polls later this year for the economic ruin she brought upon Queensland families,’’ Mr Palmer said.