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McGowan denying jobs to Western Australians

Premier Mark McGowan was denying Western Australians jobs and prosperity by refusing to open the state’s borders to the rest of the country, Clive Palmer said today

“The WA Premier needed to act now to ensure a successful future beyond COVID-19 by opening his borders to allow trade and other movements from Australian states into WA,’’ Mr Palmer said.

As a major investor in WA, Clive Palmer said he was concerned that he was being restricted from markets where he could continue to create jobs and prosperity.

“I have made my intentions clear that I wish to invest heavily in WA with the vast monies earned from my iron ore project in the Pilbara,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Premier McGowan needs to question where his loyalties lie. He appears more concerned with allowing the free movement of overseas Chinese workers entering WA than bolstering the local economy.

“An increase of workers from mainland China entering WA indicates his support,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Premier McGowan’s popularity will decline if he continues to put himself and his self-interests before that of WA. He risks economic shutdown with his gestapo tactics.”

“The WA economy must keep growing and moving forward especially during the COVID-19 shutdown and before JobKeeper ends. This is crucial for the survival of the domestic economy and for the whole of Australia.

Clive Palmer has unveiled plans to set up an investment bank that would focus on projects in the resource-rich state where he is earning hundreds of millions of dollars a year in royalties from Chinese conglomerate CITIC.

Mr Palmer said he would look to bankroll large scale resources and technology projects for Australian companies with an emphasis on WA.

“We think there’s a social obligation to put something back into WA and we also think there are good business opportunities here that Australians are losing out on,” he said.

Mr Palmer said his company Mineralogy would look at mezzanine funding, cornerstone investments, joint ventures and buy outs as part of its push into WA, where he has purchased a riverside home and is spending more and more time.