Media release

No vaccine passports under United Australia Party

The United Australia Party will end vaccine passports on the grounds they denied people their basic human rights, party leader Craig Kelly said today.

“Vaccine passports serve no purpose other than to deny people their normal human rights,” Mr Kelly said.

“They will be divisive for all Australians, cause social problems as seen in Europe and have the potential to worsen an already growing mental health epidemic in our country, which will have tragic consequences for many Australians.

“It is undemocratic and wrong to deny any Australian their constitutional rights and freedoms because they choose not to take part in a vaccination program for personal or medical reasons,” Mr Kelly said.

Recent US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data from a study of 469 people infected with COVID-19 showed that 74% of those people were fully vaccinated, confirming that anyone can be infected with COVID-19 and be symptomatic to varying degrees of severity, even though they have been injected with two doses of vaccine.

“Of the people hospitalised in the USA with COVID-19, a higher percentage have been vaccinated than not,” Mr Kelly said

“Fully vaccinated people who contract the virus can also pass the virus on to others.

The United Australia Party will fight ensure vaccine passports are not introduced in Australia. If they are, we will challenge the decision in the High Court on behalf of the Australian people.”