Media release

Fastest growing political party in Australian history

The United Australia Party has expanded its membership by 30,000 in less than two weeks, becoming the fastest growing political party in Australian history, chairman Clive Palmer has announced.

“Over the last 10 days our party membership has grown by more than 30,000.  We have seen an average of 3,000 new members join every day since Craig Kelly was announced as our party leader,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“This is a watershed moment in Australian political history.

“At this rate the United Australian Party will have more party members than the combined memberships of both Liberal and Labor.

“Craig Kelly is the most outstanding political leader and he will be our next Prime Minister,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Every Australian should support Craig Kelly as he stands to stop lockdowns and get our economy moving again.

“Under the Liberals and Labor, we are seeing families break up, the economy declining and an increase in mental health problems.

“Contractors and private businesses all need to get back to where they were. The Government is the main cause of this destruction.

“At this time Australia needs a truly representative government, we need strong leadership and the United Australia Party is the only party that can achieve this,’’ Mr Palmer said.