Media release

Major parties destroying families by keeping borders closed

Clive Palmer has blasted both leaders of Queensland’s major parties for destroying families and the state economy with their hard stance on borders.

His comments follow revelations today that Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington would not reopen the borders if elected.

“They’re as bad as each other. The leaders of the major parties are hopeless, they have rocks in their heads,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Trust me, the borders will reopen by November after my High Court challenge is successful,’’ he said.

Mr Palmer said the best way for Queenslanders to send a message to the major parties was to vote with their feet and reject them on election day.

“Only Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party wants to open the borders up and switch the economy back on,’’ he said.

“There is no leadership with Labor and the LNP, they are devoid of ideas and only care about self-preservation.

“Queensland needs a new deal. The current Chief Health Officer is a Labor puppet with no logic or compassion.

“She lets the AFL and movie stars like Tom Hanks into Queensland but denies families from attending hospitals and funerals.

“She should resign, but she would miss her $600,000-plus annual salary too much.

“How much more damage to families and society will be caused by Queensland Labor’s irrational policies and decision making?” he said.

“The human costs of the border closures continue to mount with increased suicides and domestic violence spiralling out of control.

“Queenslanders will see this and vote for a new deal on election day,’’ Mr Palmer said.