Media release

Guns scandal shows shameful desperation of One Nation

United Australia Party candidate for Warringah, Suellen Wrightson has called for the immediate dismissal of Pauline Hanson’s Chief of Staff James Ashby over the guns scandal.

Ms Wrightson said she was appalled by the emergence of video footage of Ashby and One Nation’s Queensland leader Steve Dickson allegedly discussing how to solicit funds from a rifle association with the aim of gaining  the balance of power in Australia.

“Pauline Hanson must sack James Ashby immediately and send a clear message to Australian voters that our electoral system and Senate positions cannot be bought via interference of foreign interests,’’ Ms Wrightson said.

“If she is serious about being elected fairly and squarely on her policy rather than scrupulous deals she will sack the staff involved and have a clean slate going into the federal election.

“It is no wonder Australians have lost trust in their politicians when you have the right hand man to Pauline Hanson as alleged in this video calling the shots with a rifle association.”