Media release

Australia a soft target for foreign interests: McDonald

Leader of the United Australia Party’s Senate Team for Western Australia, James McDonald, says the guns scandal embroiling Pauline Hanson’s One Nation was yet another shocking example of the risk of foreign interests infiltrating Australia politics.

“Like all Australians, I am appalled by the revelations that One Nation attempted to obtain $20 million in campaign funding from powerful US rifle group the NRA,’’ Mr McDonald said.

“The appalling implications of linking with a gun rights group aside, it is another reminder that political parties in Australia are more than happy to sell our nation’s best interests to the highest foreign bidders, jeopardising our security and our future,’’ he said.

The One Nation controversy comes in the wake of revelations by the United Australia Party that the Labor government was supporting the clandestine takeover of Australia by granting Chinese communist government owned companies extraordinary powers to build and operate strategic assets in WA.

“Allowing Chinese state-owned conglomerate CITIC Limited to build a jet airstrip in the Pilbara and exercise control over the deep water port at Cape Preston should be deeply concerning for all Australians,’’ Mr McDonald said.

“Now we have another Australian political party cosying up to the NRA in America. It is no wonder Australians have lost trust in their politicians.

“Australian voters need to know that the electoral system and Senate positions cannot be bought via interference of foreign interests.

“We can’t trust our politicians. Stand up – defend our country. Put Australia first,” Mr McDonald said.

“The best way to protect Australia’s future is to Vote 1, the United Australia Party.”