Generation Jobless needs our help: Palmer

Media Release

Australia can set an example to the world on how to tackle youth unemployment through sustainable economic growth and better education, says federal United Australia Party leader Mr Clive Palmer.

Responding to a recent article in The Economist headlined ‘Generation Jobless’, Mr Palmer said youth unemployment the world over was a growing concern.

The article said the number of young people out of work globally was almost as big as the population of the United States.

Mr Palmer said the United Australia Party would ensure job creation for young Australians was a key issue at the September 14 federal election.

“The best thing we can do for our young Australians is to grow the economy so that everybody has the chance to participate,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The United Australia Party stands for bringing people together and helping to build a bigger economic cake so that everybody has the same opportunity to share in the prosperity.

“Politics today is based on politicians blaming and fighting each other; there is no leadership and no plan to grow the economy. United Australia Party will represent all.

“Australia also needs the right policies in place to restore jobs growth. We have had people with little expertise running the country and operating a trillion dollar business with disastrous consequences,”

Mr Palmer also said universities needed to be properly funded and more attention given to vocational and technical training in secondary school  in order to give more young Australians the best possible tools for meaningful employment.

“The United Australia Party aims to reunite the nation, restore competency to government and provide a plan for jobs growth to enable Australia’s economy to move forward,” he said.