Abbott and Gillard the same on Industrial Relations: Clive Palmer

Media Release

Tony Abbott now has exactly the same industrial relations policy as Julia Gillard, says federal United Australia Party leader Mr Clive Palmer.

“Tony Abbott’s workplace relations plan announced yesterday is the same as Julia Gillard’s,” Mr Palmer said.

“Abbott and Gillard are now starting to look the same and sound the same. They are the same.

“Voters should realise that the major parties are exactly the same.

“The only way Australians can achieve some changes is to vote for a new party.

“We need change and the only way to go forward is to support the United Australia Party.”

Mr Palmer relaunched the United Australia Party with plans to field candidates in all House of Representative seats and a Senate team in each state and territory at the September election.

The federal leader of the United Australia Party will also stand as a candidate for the party in the Sunshine Coast lower house seat of Fairfax.