Abbott Cutting Budget by $75 Billion: Clive Palmer

Media Release

Reports Tony Abbott plans to cut $75 billion from the federal budget shows a lack of commercial experience and again proves there is no difference between him and Julia Gillard, says federal leader of the Palmer United Party Mr Clive Palmer.

Mr Palmer said an Australian Financial Review report said the Coalition has identified $75 billion in spending cuts and tax increases over four years.

He said it was important for governments to be efficient and use resources wisely rather than than adopting a slash and burn approach to economic management.

“Tony Abbott cutting the budget for the sake of it will achieve nothing and it won’t help the Australian economy,” Mr Palmer said.

“This just shows great immaturity and a lack of commercial experience. Tony Abbott is demonstrating that he is just another Julia Gillard.”

Mr Palmer said governments should be trying to build up the domestic economy to create wealth and growth.

“We don’t want Tony Abbott to be another Campbell Newman and close schools, cut frontline health services and sack police,” he said.

“Governments should be looking to protect the interests of the average Australian and the futures of young Australians.

“We don’t need leaders with their nose in their navel leading us nowhere.

“The only way forward for Australia is to elect a Palmer United Party government, change the status quo and unite all Australians.”