Alex Douglas and Carl Judge Show Political Courage: Clive Palmer

Media Release

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party, Mr Clive Palmer, has hailed the political courage shown by Queensland MPs Alex Douglas and Carl Judge.

The two members of the United Australia Party, the Queensland division of the Palmer United Party, both delivered speeches to parliament condemning the actions of the state government.

“Alex Douglas and Carl Judge were courageous in parliament yesterday to stand up against the government’s plans to cut front line health services, close schools and sack police,” Mr Palmer said.

“Political courage is one of the scarcest commodities in politics.

“The commitment of Alex Douglas and Carl Judge to do what is right regardless of public ridicule or the impact on their own career and their families is highly commendable.

“They have shown great political courage in protesting the actions of the Newman government and defending the rights of all Queenslanders.”

Mr Palmer said the Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls was seen squirming on ABC TV’s Q & A program when confronted by a question from a front line health worker.

“That was a sign of the impact of the actions of Tim Nicholls, Campbell Newman and Jeff Seeney and the sooner they are thrown out of office the better,” he said.

“Jeff Seeney has betrayed the trust given to him by all regional Queenslanders as Deputy Premier through the destruction of regional hospitals, while he’s purged Brisbane of much needed government services.

“It’s time the incumbent members of the LNP who make up the government woke up.
“They won’t be re-elected if they stand by and watch the government destroy the state.

“It will be interesting to see if people within the LNP government show the sort of commitment shown by Alex Douglas and Carl Judge, or will they just continue to be lap dogs of Tim Nicholls.”