Clive Palmer sets target of 25 per cent of vehicles running on ethanol by 2020

Media Release

Palmer United Party federal leader Clive Palmer has set a target for 10 per cent of all vehicles to be running on ethanol-based fuel by the end of 2016.

Mr Palmer today announced that figure would rise to 25 per cent by 2020 under a Palmer United Party government.

“The Palmer United Party has set clear targets for the use of ethanol-based fuels which will deliver benefits for the agricultural industry, jobs and the environment,” Mr Palmer said.

“By increasing our use we will revitalise sugar cane cities such as Bundaberg and Mackay in regional Queensland, create jobs and provide clean energy for Australian vehicles.

“Australia lags behind other countries when it comes to addressing climate change, and this policy will help us meet our obligations under the Kyoto Protocol.”

Mr Palmer said regional areas which relied on the sugar industry such as Mackay had been neglected by the major parties.

“Australian sugar prices are not as competitive as they used to be,” he said.

“By boosting our use of sugar cane ethanol the Palmer United Party will help secure the future of these communities which have long been ignored by the major parties.”