Clive Palmer Says Rudd and Abbott Dodge Debates

Media Release 

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party Clive Palmer says both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott have repeatedly refused to debate him on the real issues facing the nation.

“Mr Rudd and Mr Abbott have debated each other but both have refused to debate me,” Mr Palmer said.

“I have challenged Mr Rudd 10 times and Mr Abbott at least nine times.

“This election campaign should be a battle of ideas but they have tried to exclude the Palmer United Party from national discussions when our policies have been well received by the Australian people.

“Holding limited debates has robbed Australians of having real choices.

“Why have they both refused to debate me when the Palmer United Party has nominated candidates in all seats in the House of Representatives and in the Senate?

“They are devoid of ideas and are offering Australia more of the same as Australia’s debt increases at over $3 billion a week.

“There’s only one way to challenge the incumbent political parties and create wealth for Australia and that is to vote for the Palmer United Party on Saturday.”