Clive Palmer Pushes For North Queensland Independence

Media Release

Palmer United Party federal leader Clive Palmer has today vowed that north Queensland should become an independent state in Australia and would push for its independence upon the party’s candidates being elected to parliament.

“North Queensland is an economic powerhouse and should be able to govern itself through its own representation,” Mr Palmer said from Cairns.

“From my own experience in the region there would be significant advantages to self-government.

“It’s long been neglected by powers in Brisbane and Canberra yet is a major economic centre and contributor.

“North Queensland has issues in regards to distance from many of the services still administered from the south and would be better off with its own government.”

Mr Palmer also said it would be important for the people of north Queensland to select the state boundaries and what the capital would be.

“They’ve long wanted to have a greater say in their affairs and be truly recognised for what they contribute to the state and nation,” Mr Palmer said.

The Palmer United Party is the only party to have nominated candidates in all 150 House of Representative seats at the September 7 election.