Media release

Clive Palmer: Downstream processing is economic common sense

UNITED Australia Party Federal Leader Clive Palmer says Australia is failing to maximise revenue from its prized mineral resources by continuing to send unprocessed ores overseas.

Mr Palmer said the United Australia Party’s downstream processing policy would see more stages of the mining process occur on Australian soil rather than offshore, resulting in much higher returns, along with stimulants for both economic growth and job creation.

“We could be using Australia’s mineral resources to kick-start our economy by setting up downstream processing in the states such as South Australia and Victoria that aren’t resource-rich,” Mr Palmer said.

“For example, mineral ore sells for under $100 a tonne. Finished, refined product can go for around $15,000 a tonne. It’s a no-brainer.

“For too long we’ve treated our mineral-rich states like quarries where their resources have been taken for granted and shipped off to places like Japan and China.

“Despite Japan’s high wages, high energy costs and tyranny of distance it has become the third largest economy in the world, largely on the back of Australian resources,” he said.

“Australia has to maximise the return we get from our mineral resources and ensure our communities see maximum benefit in the way of jobs and infrastructure for the future.

“Mineral resources are Australia’s family silver, and we’re selling our family silver on the cheap.”

Mr Palmer said the nation is crying out for new ideas and a fresh approach after witnessing Canberra’s latest government debacle.

“We want to unite the country behind new ideas and make Australia great again,” he said.

“The public are sick and tired of petty politics getting in the way of progress. We’re here to say we have the ideas, we have the policies and now it’s time for change.”