Media release

Bobby Singh appointed Shadow Minister for International Development

Federal Leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, announced today the appointment of automotive business owner Bobby Singh as Shadow Minister for International Development.

Mr Singh is the United Australia Party’s candidate for the Victorian lower house seat of Holt in the 2019 Federal Election.

He is well known in Holt for his community work at the Keysborough Temple and organising other social activities.

Mr Singh has campaigned in previous elections with the UAP and as an independent.

He has run a successful automotive business for the past 10 years, providing jobs to the local community and has previously worked as a manager and supervisor in multiple industries.

“For the first time Australia has real choice instead of the duopoly that Liberal and Labor have created by voting together to keep other alternatives out of the Federal parliament,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The established parties talk about helping the country but all they’ve ever done is stifle political alternatives,” Mr Palmer said.

“Unlike them, the United Australia Party is not comprised of career politicians. We are a party made up of genuine Australians who want to serve the country, to change the course of history and steer in a bright new era for Australia,’’ he said.