Australia Network cut will hurt exports: Clive Palmer

Media Release

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party and Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, has condemned the Federal Government’s mooted plans to axe the ABC’s 24 hour news service into Asia.

Mr Palmer said the scrapping of the Australia Network would harm Australian exporters who relied upon Australia’s strong recognition in Asia.

“This will harm Australian exports and the image of Australia in its biggest trading market of Asia,” Mr Palmer said.

“It’s very short sighted and Malcolm Turnbull, as an experienced businessman, should know that better than anyone.”

“To penetrate a market you need to be promoting your opportunity.”

“Australia is the opportunity and the Australia Network is a key channel to penetrate into our biggest market.”

Mr Palmer said that the move would reduce Australia’s positioning and image in Asia.

“Let me tell you there are heaps of commercial nations also on the doorstep of Asia that would do anything to have our perception, image, and export opportunities, including Europe, Japan, and the US,” Mr Palmer said.

“Foreign commercial enterprises that have products that we are currently exporting there would be sitting back thinking this is fantastic for them.”

Mr Palmer said that from a business point of view it was fundamental that Australia remain active in Asia and part of that was to keep the ABC’s Australia Network alive.

“I encourage the minister to reconsider. This short term gain will equal long-term pain for the Australian business community,” Mr Palmer said.