Ethanol report is outdated Liberal Propaganda: Clive Palmer

Media Release

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party and Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, has dismissed the report by the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics on the Ethanol Production program stating it is nothing but outdated Liberal propaganda.

Mr Palmer said the BREE report, that found the program produces negligible economic, environmental or consumer benefits and erodes energy security, was produced when the Australian dollar was sitting at US$1.10, now it is sitting closer to US89 cents and will soon be US85 cents.

“The figures outlined in the BREE report are grossly outdated and should be deemed invalid,” Mr Palmer said.

“The benefits of the program would now be far greater than represented in the report and, under current dollar values, would most likely find significant economic, environmental and consumer benefits resulting in a flow on effect for rural Australia..

“Australia should look to guarantee the production of fuel via this program, rather than have to reply on importing fuels from often unstable countries with high tariffs.”

Mr Palmer said he was calling on the Nationals to support ethanol production and the program as it currently stands.

“The Nationals should ignore this outdated report and represent their rural constituents,” Mr Palmer said.

“The BREE report represents nothing but outdated figures, which would be significantly different if reviewed in today’s economic climate.

“The Nationals need to stand up for their rural constituents, employment opportunities and the security of Australian produced fuel that the program offers.”