Newman’s attacks hurting business optimism: Clive Palmer

Media Release

Clive Palmer has lashed out at Campbell Newman’s unrelenting attacks on his Queensland companies, saying he was driving down business optimism in the state.

Mr Palmer said it was extraordinary that a Premier of any state would be so blatant in their attempts to run down the business operations of a particular individual.

“Every chance Campbell Newman gets he will run me down. The Premier continues to act improperly by constantly condemning my businesses including Queensland Nickel, Waratah Coal and Palmer Coolum Resort.

“He is using the Queensland Government to fight me because he disagrees with my political views rather than supporting a fellow Queenslander who is committed to taking the state forward.

“It is unprecedented for a Premier to attack a businessman in this way.

“He is a proven jobs destroyer and a disgrace of a Premier. I cannot think of one good thing he is done for Queensland and as soon as the election rolls around and he is voted out the better.

“Campbell Newman is an under-achiever and an abject failure as Premier.’’