Media release

Wrightson outlines UAP’s plan to make Australia great

Secure jobs through a fairer tax system, downstream mineral processing in Australia, tax-deductable home loans, lower power prices and support for the bush were at the heart of the UAP’s plan for a better Australia, Assistant NSW State Director, Suellen Wrightson, announced today.

“All Australians want to enjoy a better lifestyle and look ahead to a brighter future for their family,’’ Ms Wrightson said.

“We need bold new ideas to stimulate our economy, drive growth and increase revenue. The United Australia Party has the policies to make Australia great,’’ she said.

Mrs Wrightson said the UAP would turbo charge the economy by overhauling the way taxes were paid to ensure businesses and contractors were given the help they needed to succeed.

“We need to expand domestic demand and we can stimulate the economy by changing the way tax is paid by companies.

“Instead of paying tax in advance, based on an estimate of figures, we should allow companies to pay tax based on their actual figures at the end of the year after they have made the money.”

Ms Wrightson said this measure would result in more than $70 billion being released into the economy.

“Each time $70 billion is spent, the government gets 10% GST. That’s an extra $7 billion in revenue for schools, hospitals and infrastructure,’’ she said.

She said the UAP would also create jobs and generate more revenue by encouraging the use of the mineral resource wealth of Western Australia and Queensland to support downstream manufacturing in states and territories that don’t have those resources.

“Japan has become the world’s third largest economy by processing Australian resources.  The cost of energy is more expensive in Japan and Japan suffers from the tyranny of distance. Wages are also higher, yet Australia sells its mineral ores at a low price per tonne and Japan sells final products for 10,000 more.

“Processing Australian resources at home will create jobs, increase exports and provide a higher standard of living,’’ Ms Wrightson said.

Encouraging home ownership and lessening the strain on families by reducing power prices are other key United Australia Party policies.

“We propose to make home loans tax deductible to encourage home ownership and boost the construction industry.

“The best life for Australians is a happy family life. The United Australia Party will help Australian families by reducing power prices. We will order a state-by-state review of the power company infrastructure loans we’re all paying for,’’ Ms Wrightson said.

The UAP would also support long-neglected regional Australians with zonal taxation incentives and greater support for farmers in times of natural disaster and hardship.