Media release

Why did Kate Jones really leave?

Clive Palmer said today questions needed to be asked about the true reason for Queensland Government Minister Kate Jones’ recent departure.

“I have it on good authority that it may not have been for the altruistic reasons that have been outlined,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Could it be true that after 11 years in office she qualified for a tax-payer funded pension for life if she left voluntarily?”

Mr Palmer said politicians from both major parties needed to get their snouts out of the trough and start serving the people of Queensland instead of themselves.

“Queenslanders are sick of politicians rorting the system. The only way to change things is deliver a new deal for Queensland at the next election.”

Mr Palmer said that once elected, Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party would introduce legislation to scrap tax-payer funded privileges once politicians retire.

“For far too long politicians from the major parties have ridden the gravy train and Australians deserve better,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Labor is only in politics for money and to serve their own self-interests over those of the community.

“We need a new deal for Queensland based on enterprise. We need to cut the red tape, eliminate payroll tax and eliminate land tax to make our State stronger and more competitive, and provide employment for our people.

“The current government can’t do that, it doesn’t listen, it’s far too negative, it’s not interested in big projects and it has no idea about wealth creation,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Queenslanders, vote for anyone but Labor this coming election. A vote for Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party is only way to deliver a better deal for our State.”