Media release

Western Australia to become a Chinese Province

Clive Palmer has condemned any moves to have Western Australian sign up to China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative as another dangerous step towards China infiltrating Australia.

“The Australian constitution is clear. The relationship between foreign countries is a Federal Government role, administrated under the Department of Foreign Affairs,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“In pushing for Western Australia to join Victoria in signing up to President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Init­i­ati­ve, the Chinese Government is attempting to infiltrate Australia through the states and bypass the Federal Government.

“The Chinese Government is dealing directly with State Governments, thereby disrespecting the rule of law in Australia, the Australian Federal Government and our constitution.

“Do you think the Chinese Communist Government would allow Australia to deal with each of China’s provinces? There is no way that would be allowed.

“We are seeing the Chinese Government ignore the authority of our Federal Government.”

Mr Palmer said the Federal Government should rely on the states to support matters of foreign affairs as dictated by the constitution.

“WA Premier Mark McGowan and his Labor Government have shown that they are willing to sell off Western Australia to overseas interests.

“The WA Labor Government has allowed Merredin Airport, just 260km east of Perth, to transfer into Chinese ownership after paying just $1 for a 100 year lease. This means Australian aircraft need Chinese permission to land on their own soil.

“His government has also allowed Chinese companies to exercise control over the deep water port at Cape Preston contrary to the security of Australia.”

Mr Palmer said the Port of Cape Preston had the facilities necessary to support and sustain large scale naval operations in the Indian Ocean.

“The power generation and water desalination plant together with the bunker fuel capacity provide the necessary logistics to support a large ground force with heavy equipment,’’ he said.

“Additionally, under a cloak of secrecy with the help of the Labor party, Chinese communist government owned companies have built a private jet airport approximately 80km south of Karratha and the existing Karratha airport.

“If ever there was a breakdown in diplomatic relations with China and hostilities were to commence, the Chinese control of these assets would mean Western Australia and its resources would be completely vulnerable,’’ he said.

Mr Palmer said it was equally shocking that Western Australian MP and Upper House Whip Pierre Yang, a former Chinese national, was found to have been affiliated with Chinese Communist Party Groups dedicated to extending the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in Australia.

“Australians rejected any relationship with China proposed by Labor at the last federal election.

“The WA Government would do well to heed the verdict of the Australian people or they should take the A out of ALP.

“It seems inevitable if the WA Labor Government surrenders to a deal with China, then this matter will be challenged in the high court of Australia,’’ Mr Palmer said.