Media release

United Australia Party will win Government

The United Australia Party was on track to win Government at the next Federal Election, Federal Leader, Clive Palmer, said today.

“Australians should not read or believe fake news,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Firstly they said the United Australia Party would get no votes, now they say we the king makers.

“Each time the press tries to marginalise our party because the truth will only empower Australians to take their country back. We have to put Australia first,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Our polling shows that as well as the 15% of Australians who over a month from polling day have decided to vote for the United Australia Party, more than 28% of Australians are at this stage undecided.

“I believe that one thing those 28% of Australians have decided is they are not going to vote Labor, Liberal or Green.

“Our research shows that the majority of them will vote for the United Australia Party and bring about real change in Australia.

“The United Australia Party is standing in 151 seats in the House of Representatives and in the Senate in each State.

“The United Australia Party cares about each and every Australian and wants to give them the opportunity for a better and more prosperous future,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“At this critical time in our Country’s future we have to protect and defend Australia’s independence and freedom.

“We can save our Country and our children’s future but only you can do it by voting United Australia Party at the Federal Election.

“Together we can achieve the extraordinary.

“God Bless Australia,” Mr Palmer said.